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About me

I am a creative artist who loves to paint and follow my own path of enquiry. For me colour means life, love and fun. I like the work of many artists but I especially love the colourists such as Matisse and Van Gogh.

I paint to show beauty wherever I find it. It may be a portrait, a flower or another subject. Self expression is very important to me as I feel alive when I paint and happy to draw attention to what I depict on my canvas.

It is my wish that the painting you choose for yourself will brighten up your life and help you to feel good. For me art is about bringing people joy and beauty.

At the heart of all the work is the desire and the challenge: how do I make this painting look visually appealing? I aim to convey simplicity and beauty with sensitivity yet strength of colour.

As the paintings evolve so does my style and I like to believe that my response to each new subject is fresh and authentic. For me this is what brings the paintings to life and touches the heart.

Art to Love & Keep

Flowers of Light - Painting by Eszter Ranja
Awakening by Eszter Ranja

For me, Eszter’s flower paintings are literally out of this world. They radiate all shades of vibrant colours and come to life from the canvas.

Agi, fitness industry profession

Flowers make us happy. Eszter’s paintings truly reflect this happiness towards flowers.

Maria, a friend of flowers

Eszter is a very talented artist. Her paintings are unique and beautiful. Truly wonderful art.

Judit, Economist